Side by side so you can see the size difference. Both have lots of little cubbies in the bags. You can read about them on the links I’ve included in this post.

I’m not a fan of backpacks – it’s just a personal preference. The only backpack I ever use while riding my bike is a hydration pack WITHOUT anything other than a water bladder. Why? Well having seen motorcycle crashes and the results of something hard on one’s back can be tragic. That and having friends who are orthopedic surgeons….enough said.

So I have three ways I carry stuff on my bike. I have a water bottle cage attached to the right side of the frame. And for snacks or other small necessary items (LOL) I use a bungee net I’ve attached to the battery cover for those occasions. When I need to carry more things I use my Wolfman Luggage S0303 – Enduro Tank Bag V-1.7. I’ve configured the straps to stay on my bike even when I’m not using the bag for convenience.

The Wolfman. If you look closely you can see I have my straps for this bag ‘permanently’ attached to my bike.

And recently when it’s been so dang hot in the Bay Area I wanted to be able to use the ice packs I have for camping in my tank bag. But the Wolfman was just a tad too small for that, so I bought a Nelson-Rigg CL-2014-ST Black Medium Journey Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag Strap Mount. The straps are so easy to use so I wrap one around the head tube and the other around the seat subframe. Easy!

The Nelson Rigg bag. It also expands too! Which is great if I want to carry even more stuff…LOL

You can see how the straps work with the Nelson Rigg unit. Oh and how I carried my lunch that day!

Nope tank bags are NOT cheap, but since they are a specialty item for motorcycles that’s just the way it is. I was hoping to use some from my motorcycles, but alas they are magnetic and would not work for this bike. Plus they were way too big anyway….

I really love both bags, as they serve my needs when the need arises. The Nelson Rigg one comes with a very cool rain cover for those who like to ride in the rain. I use my Wolfman 80% of the time. I like the small netted pocket on the front of the bag which faces the seat.

I want to note that the little side pockets on the Nelson Rigg makes stashing small stuff really convenient. The one design flaw I see in their bags are the zipper pulls. The way they have attached them allowed one of the pulls to separate from the zipper. So I just used small zip ties to restrict the area where the pull can come away from the zipper. No big deal.

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