Update: August 16 2019

One day Steve, the owner and founder of Stag Motorcycles in the UK and I were discussing the lack of women in the Sur Ron Light Bee space. I told him that my 31 year old daughter LOVES the bike. She trained in off road ICE riding as a pre teen. After having owned, ridden and worked on the LB it amazed me that more women have not yet adopted this incredible device.

Most” motorized bike retailers tend to not believe that women are attracted to Sur Rons. Hell some even discourage women in action sports. I beg to differ and after some discussions Steve began to understand. So as a favor I asked one of my friends to ride my own bike for two reasons; first to get her reaction and secondly to create imagery for Steve to use at trade shows and other events. Make no mistake, I only pick two projects a year to do on a complimentary basis. Otherwise I charge my full half or full day rate. Steve lucked out for two reasons, first because of my own personal interest in getting more women into action sports and second, because he is a nice fella with an open mind…. Go get ’em Steve!

Update: August 14 2019

My sincere hope is one day I see this level of female participation in our Sur Ron community.

Crankworx Whistler 2019 – Your Crankworx Air DH podium Pinkbike

Update: August 9 2019

I was contacted through Instagram by Blane, a fellow SR owner who lives with his girlfriend Jade in Hawaii; on Oahu right near my cousin! Small world. He wanted to thank me for this site. Anyway Jade was kind enough to agree to a Facetime get together so I could ask her some questions about her feelings and experience with her Sur Ron.

It’s really cool to hear first hand how a woman owner of this bike feels about the experience of ownership. And how she feels about the advantages and disadvantages between her ICE bike and the SR! Thanks Jade!

Jade in action on her Sur Ron in Hawaii where she lives.


Here are some shots Blane took of Jade on her ICE trials bike.

Jade and I discuss her experience with the Sur Ron and her style of riding:


Original Post August 6 2019

During the days when most of my time riding was on the racetrack we had a few women on our team. Ginny and Linda were the only two at that time. This was back in 1999-2003. During our track training days we had more and more women take our course and it was then I discovered that women in general make MUCH BETTER STUDENTS than most men. They LISTEN, they FOLLOW DIRECTIONS and they leave their egos in the pit area. Our classes were two full days and 85% of that time was track time, 15% classroom. In damn near every class the women consistently dropped their lap times, and while the men did, but not as much. And no it was NOT because the women’s lap times were twice as long in the beginning. They were all nearly the same, but women as a group cut theirs more than the men. Go figure….!

WONDERFUL team memories! Linda and Ginny bottom row center. Me top row right when I had hair….

One of my students was Kathy and like her sisters she listened and executed what she learned. She later became a racer and did very well. Over the years we became friends and I invited her over to my area to ride my Sur Ron. Not only is she a road racer, but a dirt rider too.

Kathy riding with me two up at Thundershill Raceway Park turn 5a. Novice school track days were great ways for new track students to learn just what a bike can ACTUALLY DO riding at 80% track speeds as a passenger. (Instructors were never allowed to go 100% with a student on the back.) I normally had 250+lbs. 6 foot something guys on the back with me. I was DAMN HAPPY when the students were women or men who didn’t weigh as much as an effing truck. “When I’m braking, keep your weight off of me by supporting your upper body on my fuel tank with your arms.” Did they listen? Oh fuck no! Not until I went into the pit after one lap and they were disappointed that their scheduled three lap ride was OVER. LISTEN and EXECUTE fellas!

My personal belief is the Sur Ron is woefully underrepresented with women. And after letting her ride the bike it was not the toy or pit bike she expected. After the ear to ear smiles she was hooked! I was lucky to get my bike back!

One of the things I neglected to say, Kathy is not only a TomBoy, but also a self described Girlie Girl! She loves shopping for all things gadgets and clothes, but her TomBoy side comes out when she says things like “There’s a Dainese sale going on, let’s go!” LOL

Next up, a different woman’s perspective on riding the Sur Ron in an urban environment. Stay tuned…


  1. Hi,
    I love your website as an alternate to the FB group. Nice layout and great info!
    I’m currently a prospective buyer, partially for my wife( a good MTB’r but beginner motorcycle rider), partially a hooligan stealth ride for myself, and partially a learning tool for my kids (age 8-12).
    I tried to teach my wife how to ride years ago but the weight, noise, and power of a small adult dirt bike was too much and scared her off of the sport. I’m thinking that my wife and two older kids (around 5′ tall and growing!) could learn on the Sur-Ron and either find it a fun ride or a platform for a bigger bike.
    Wondering if you can comment on how user friendly the eco power setting is for beginners?
    How is the seat height for someone 5′ to 5’4″ tall?
    Any other pointers on why this would be a good or bad bike for shorter riders and beginners?

    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by and letting me know you’ve found the information I’ve posted here valuable. Makes all of the hard work to build this site worthwhile. So I will attempt to address your questions one at a time:

      “I’m currently a prospective buyer, partially for my wife( a good MTB’r but beginner motorcycle rider)…I tried to teach my wife how to ride years ago but the weight, noise, and power of a small adult dirt bike was too much and scared her off of the sport. I’m thinking that my wife and two older kids (around 5′ tall and growing!) could learn on the Sur-Ron and either find it a fun ride or a platform for a bigger bike.”

      I completely understand how even a small ICE dirt bike can be intimidating for anyone. Even small dirt bikes are easily twice the weight of a Sur Ron and the seat height on ICE dirt bikes is very high. The seat height of the SR is 31.8 inches. My daughter who is all of 5-2 has absolutely no issue comfortably straddling the bike. The weight, or rather the LACK of weight makes this thing so non intimidating as well. It amazes me that even with eight inches of front and rear suspension travel the height and weight of the bike is absent of weight.

      Someone who is 5 feet tall ‘may’ have to be on their toes when straddling the bike. I say may because I have not had someone 5′ I know first hand sit on the bike. I don’t really talk about what I think, but what I know. If you are on the private FB group you can always see if someone lives near you and will be open for you to sit on their bike. Just a thought for the height thing.

      “Any other pointers on why this would be a good or bad bike for shorter riders and beginners?”

      In terms of a learning tool? I CANNOT THINK OF A BETTER way to learn how to ride a throttled two wheeler. EP mode is very gentle and will not be intimidating for anyone including a beginner. Now having said that I would stress that the person NEEDS TO BE COMFORTABLE ON A TWO WHEELED BICYCLE. Not someone who just had their training wheels removed. Other than than though, you’ll be lucky if they return the bike! LOL I highly recommend you purchase the X model of the bike, but at the time I write this I see he sold out of those, bummer. The normal edition is fine too, it’s just his pricing on the X was a great value. The new Black X is out and it’s about 900 bucks more. If you can afford that I’d go with the Black X. Sine wave controller and the new RockShox forks alone are worth that increase. But either way you would be happy with either.

      “partially a hooligan stealth ride for myself”

      OK so here’s where things will become muddy. Once your wife, your kids and YOU ride this thing you will be in trouble. Your wife will confiscate the bike from the kids announcing “Mom privileges” she will look at you with one of those smiles and simply say “Happy wife, happy life dude” as she blasts out of the driveway, leaving you with the kids to watch Frozen and the latest Lego movie…. I’m so so sorry…..

      OK so now I’m going out for a lunch ride….again, so sorry dude! LOL Hope this all helps.

  2. I found out about the Sur-Ron while searching for Osets and Kubics for my grandsons. Never did get them an Oset, but bought myself a Sur-Ron instead. However my son gives them rides on the Sur-Ron.

    • Hahahahahaha!

  3. I have had two gals ride my bike to date. My neighbor who would never consider an ICE bike, other than as a passenger. A few weeks ago, I had the wife of a close friend running trails up at “the ranch”. Her husband and I were walking the trail with saws, clearing it for her. She was definitely having fun. her background was mountain bicycle riding and ATV’s, and it was very easy to get her up to speed on the brakes, and not having to pedal. The Bee is not at all intimidating for folks who have never ridden real motorcycles.

    • Indeed!! I’m really pleased that these came to “Bee” in my lifetime.

    • Craig thanks for your story. As more and more people ‘discover’ the Bee I hope everyone comes to know its advantages. It’s just one sweet ride, smiles smiles, smiles.

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