Update September 1 2019

I had written an article for WebBikeWorld about my first year of ownership. A friend of mine forwarded a link to me about another person’s view of their first year of ownership so I wanted to pass along another owner’s view.

I also wanted to mention that I no longer try to convince anyone to purchase one of these bike. I’m not a Sur Ron retailer, nor do I benefit financially from the sale of any of the bikes or parts. To be perfectly candid it does not matter at all to me whether people buy this bike other than I want Sur Ron to continue to support this model. I will continue to support owners as my own time permits simply because there are not a ton of sites dedicated to information about the bike. I am not advocating what I’ve done to my own bike to others. They are simply modifications that suit me. Everyone is different and I’m offering information about what I’ve done to make the bike more suited to me and my riding style.

Original Post 

Wow it’s been a little over a year since I bought my Sur Ron Light Bee. I know as I age time flies, but it has seemed to go by even faster owning the Bee. On my site you can find oodles of information about how I’ve modified the Bee to my personal taste and riding style. This little post is not about those things.

The other day a fellow Bee owner and I were discussing riding. He recently met with several other Bee owners from Canada up at an event in the Lake Tahoe area. He then invited those folks over to his home where not only did they ride together on his local trails, but his wife cooked dinner for the entire crew. It was at that point I mentioned to Eli that I prefer to ride alone. As I awaited his “Oh it’s just because you are old now Mark…” his response surprised me.  He too prefers to ride alone.

Prior to owning the SR and during the days when I was street riding I loved riding with others. We would go on regular Sunday rides. Some of the guys on my team would take our bikes, strap camping gear on them and look like the Beverly Hillbillies as we rode up Feather River Canyon to Lake Almanor to spend three days camping and riding. It was heaven.

Yet like all things motorcycling it took planning; planning the trip, looking at the weather, the possible traffic yada yada  yada.  Sure it was fun, but sometimes I just want to ride without any plans. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve discovered the SR scratches that itch.

I often compare the SR to the iPad simply because it lays right in between the two devices almost all people try to compare it to; a bicycle and a motorcycle. It’s the same as comparing the iPad to a cell phone or a laptop. Neither one is either.

But just this morning as I was riding with my gf on her Haibike, me on my SR it struck me more clearly why this bike has been such a wonder for me to own. It reminds me of the best times I had riding my motorcycles, the freedom, the wind in my face and not having a care in the world as I ride. The difference now? Because I ride on bike paths, or to open off-road areas I don’t have to plan any part of my ride other than what the weather dictates I wear. Freedom

I never have to gas up, change oil, worry about noise or distracted drivers. Freedom

I can go as slow or as fast as I please when I’m by myself. Freedom

I can listen to the ambient sounds around me and smell the fragrance of the air without exhaust. Freedom

I’m not bound by being pigeon holed into a category; I can ride where motorcycles cannot, where bicycles struggle and where people never think to go.

It’s been a year of freedom. Now it’s hard for me to imagine not ever owning one.

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