A few years ago when I did a podcast with Eric Hicks and Matt Richards at Luna Cycle Eric asked me how I came to discover the Sur Ron bike. And for the life of me I just could not remember.

But today my YouTube feed had a long term review (18 months) of the Sur Ron by John Holmes and it was then I remembered! It was John who turned me onto the Sur Ron. I researched his background on YouTube and discovered he is a no bullshit kind of guy which I always appreciate. So that combined with Jackson’s teardown of the bike is what made me cough up my credit card to buy the bike.

I remember asking Jackson “What was that nasty cut on your finger from?” “Oh I had the bike on a rack and my finger on the frame. The forks flopped over to one side and pinched my finger between the frame and the fork bumper.” OUCH Dude! LOL

The improvements as well as likes John mentioned in his long term review mimic most of my own findings. One of the things I respect is when people ‘think‘ one thing and find out another after actual long term usage. I’m referring to John’s comment about the SR’s front hub. As a wheel builder he had concerns that the SR hub would be fragile and break. But after using and abusing it he found the opposite to be true and stated so in his video. And he explains why. That to me shows character and I trust what he says.

So to John and Jackson, I could not be more grateful, thank you!

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  1. John Holmes rockx …have a bunch of stuff from him on my RC cars. Heis certainly the go to guy when it comes to engine trouble.

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