If you ride a lot in sand and mud you may wish to consider changing your primary belt drive to a chain. Here is where you can purchase that conversion kit:


Here is a video that shows you how to change your primary drive belt.

My friend and fellow Sur Ron owner Lee Riddle provided me with his own instructions on how to change the primary belt drive on a Sur Ron. Thanks Lee!

  1. Remove plastic motor pulley cover, 2 screws
  2. Remove motor Pulley nut, jam the driveshaft pulley to stop motion.
  3. Loosen both upper and lower motor mounts, lift motor, remove belt from front pulley.
  4. Remove front motor pulley. This may be difficult, do not pry against your $650 motor case. Use a chain vice grip on the pulley and place the pulley puller arms behind the chain.
  5. Remove rear tire, chain, and tie brake unit safely away.
  6. Remove drive shaft black plastic cover, 3 bolts in swing arm, rotate cover down and out
  7. Remove swing arm shaft, use needle nose vice grips on 4 slotted nut, screwdriver between vice grip noses to turn nut. Allen wrench on left side, pull shaft out.
  8. Remove bolt through painted connection of swing arm and shock linkage, note the two white nylon washers on each side of the linkage bearings.
  9. Pull swing arm slightly up and backwards.
  10. Pull drive shaft from swing arm; remove belt, small bushing from left side, large bushing from right side
  11. Remove large belt pulley from drive shaft, replace with large chain sprocket, use lock tight on bolts
  12. Install Motor Sprocket and key; tighten this when everything else is in place.
  13. Install driveshaft; remember bushings, long on final drive, short on primary drive
  14. Install bolt and nylon washers through swing arm /Linkage junction.
  15. Install Primary chain, motor to driveshaft
  16. Tension Motor to Primary Chain, Balance both sides equally, tighten upper and lower motor mounts, make sure snail adjuster is tight.
  17. Jam wrench into chain drive and tighten Motor sprocket nut
  18. Replace motor sprocket cover, replace, driveshaft plastic cover, bitch, whine, moan…
  19. Replace rear wheel, brake.
  20. GO RIDE DUDE, You deserve it !!!

NOTES: This is NOT an easy job! I took it in steps with no instructions coming with the kit. Trial and error. Many times I walked away. For me getting the motor belt drive sprocket off the shaft was the hardest part. The key was wedged in the motor shaft very “permanently”. Not wanting to pry against the motor case ($650 motor) and unable to get a puller behind the pulley, I at last remembered the Vice Grip Chain tool my father in law got me for changing oil filters or turning pipes. I wrapped that around the motor pulley, then put the puller behind the vice grip chain. Even then it resisted. I soaked it in penetrating oil overnight and used a propane torch around the outside of the pulley (not on the motor shaft) and that was the ticket to getting it off. When I put the chain sprocket on the motor shaft it was also very tight, the KEY was too big. Your mileage may vary.

You will get a little more noise and drag from the chain primary drive than the belt. I went with “O” ring 420 chain on both the primary and secondary drives. This took the noise down a bit and should last a good long time. Outside the USA “X” ring and “W” ring chains are available in 420 pitch, these would be better yet!

The images below did not come to me with captions, but I wanted to share them regardless.


  1. We are doin this! I think our belts days are numbered here. Yesterday I had a rock ding the flange on the big belt wheel and I got a pop, pop, pop sound going. Took a while to find out what it was then I saw little the dent on the wheel. The belt was popping every rotation as it lifted away from its wheel and catching on the dent. Of course my ice friends were telling me things like, “maybe the sound means it’s set on zig zag stitching or on threading the bobbin”. Funny bastards

    • Just be aware that the job is not easy. And I have no idea why Sur Ron uses that silly four pronged nut on the right side of the swing arm pivot. I changed mine to a ‘normal’ nylock nut. As a FYI a little bird told me that ‘someone’ is making a larger countershaft sprocket which then quiets down the secondary drive chain noise. Too much for me to explain here why, but when I change mine I will lyk. I recommend using an O ring chain on the belt conversion side. Is much less noisy than what they supply. It would then require me to increase the rear sprocket to compensate for the change of the countershaft sprocket. As my Dad taught me “You never get something for nothing boy.”

  2. Hi Mark,

    How do you adjust the tension on the inner belt?

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