Update August 12 2019

I believe internet fraud proliferates because the government makes it difficult to report fraud on a proactive basis. I just got done researching how to report spammer sites and found one maintained by Fraud.org. This is a consumer site that then reports it to the correct agency who will handle the allegation.

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


My friend Lee forwarded me yet ANOTHER BOGUS Sur Ron sale site. This time they’re selling the bike for $79.00! Hahahahahahaha! Using Luna Cycle’s videos too. Disgusting what people do to try to steal money.

When something ‘seems to good to be true’ IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. To expect that you would be able to buy a Sur Ron Electric Dirt Bike cleverly listed as a S-Ron Electric Dirt Bike for 299.97 EXPECTING to get a Sur Ron is just being stupid. I’m not posting the URL to encourage traffic to this bogus site. Just be aware this is what it looks like…..at least today.

Clicking on Add to Cart brings you to this screen. Scammers total scammers.


  1. Scam them back with a phony card number and address, heck might as well order several hundred S Ron’s. Have them (free) delivered to
    Ms. Ima Sucker
    123 Eat Sht Way
    Bullpucky, Nebraska 00N0H

    • LOL personal satisfaction in that for sure. But I just added another method to this post.

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