I currently use the Sur Ron OEM brake calipers and have been very happy with them. I know MANY OTHER owners have purchased other third party brake calipers from Shimano, SRAM, Magura and others. I’ve found that the modulation with the OEM calipers suits my taste in braking AS LONG AS THE SYSTEM IS BLED PROPERLY AND AFTERMARKET PADS ARE USED AND BEDDED PROPERLY. My protocol is NOT to automatically replace things unless I’ve done all I can to get what comes on a vehicle to work as well as possible.

I opted to change my front wheel to a 21″ 1.6″ wide rim. I prefer that size since I grew up racing motocross and desert. The tire selection is endless and I’m able to run very low tire pressures without the fear of pinch flats. The downside is I found that I needed to upgrade my rotor in the front from a 203mm to a 225mm.

I recently found out that Hope out of the UK manufactures a floating disc in the 225mm size. So since I’m a real bitch about brakes and suspension I decided to swap out my 224mm solid disc which I had purchased. I prefer a floating rotor because of its superior heat dissipation qualities. Be aware that I needed to purchase two steel spacers with a 6mm hole and 12.62mm long. Doing so places the pads in the optimum spot on the disc.

Hope 225 floating rotor.

My floating Galfer 203mm rotor on top of my previous 224mm solid rotor.

Sur Ron Rear Rotor

Sur Ron opted to manufacture their own rear hub in order to place a larger bearing into the hub to handle the bike’s torque. Most of the components on the bike are bicycle parts, but a bike hub would not have worked well on this bike. Some have mentioned that Sur Ron ‘should have’ used a bicycle chain, but that makes no sense for this bike.

Because of the hub bearing size the pattern of the rotor is proprietary to Sur Ron. No known bicycle rotor will fit the rear of this bike. I’m working with an engineer who is fabricating a floating rotor for my bike.

Rear rotor on the right, front on the left. It’s evident how much larger the rear’s center hole is and how the bolt pattern is wider. Both are 203mm in diameter.
Front rotor laid over the rear hub/rotor for comparison.

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