Deposit put down. All electric, electric charger and air compressor, loading ramp. And I LOVE the look. Come on 2021….just enough time to save and buy the 4wd model cash! I hate payments.


  1. Nice Cybertruck is breaking the mold…. Tesla, Elon and Spacex for the win pushing all the boundaries

    • Hi Heath I agree, he is a revolutionary designer and inventor.

  2. heck yea, i put down for a tri motor also šŸ™‚

  3. Yup, I too feel fortunate, hate payments and am amazed and delighted by the Cybertruck. It is unlikely I would ever plunk down $50K for anything with wheels. Still, watching Tesla stock plunge in March I bought 39 shares at about $420 per share. If our economic system recovers – which I believe it will – I reckoned that in a couple of years, those shares will turn into this fantastic vehicle… 500-miles of range propelled by our solar panels seems like a worthwhile contribution to our kids’ future šŸ˜‰

    For a very interesting dive into Tesla battery development:

  4. Hi Mark
    I also put a deposit down on the Cybertruck the first day.
    I own a Sur Ron and am planning on keeping it in the truck all the time. Iā€™m trying to figure out the bed depth so I can keep it loaded and have the vault cover closed. Do you think that will be possible?
    Thanks Todd

    • Hi Todd, I’m not familiar with the measurements of the Cybertruck’s bed when the cover is closed so I cannot say with any certainty. I imagine that having a direct mount stem on the SR would make it more difficult then the normal OEM stem mount. Those can be simply loosened allowing the handlebars to pivot making the bike much lower when on its side. We will both just have to wait and see. I heard a rumor that Elon plans to have the rear window along with the back panel lower to allow even more space in the bed when needed.

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