Deposit put down. All electric, electric charger and air compressor, loading ramp. And I LOVE the look. Come on 2021….just enough time to save and buy the 4wd model cash! I hate payments.


  1. Nice Cybertruck is breaking the mold…. Tesla, Elon and Spacex for the win pushing all the boundaries

    • Hi Heath I agree, he is a revolutionary designer and inventor.

  2. heck yea, i put down for a tri motor also 🙂

  3. Yup, I too feel fortunate, hate payments and am amazed and delighted by the Cybertruck. It is unlikely I would ever plunk down $50K for anything with wheels. Still, watching Tesla stock plunge in March I bought 39 shares at about $420 per share. If our economic system recovers – which I believe it will – I reckoned that in a couple of years, those shares will turn into this fantastic vehicle… 500-miles of range propelled by our solar panels seems like a worthwhile contribution to our kids’ future 😉

    For a very interesting dive into Tesla battery development:

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