I was contacted last week by a local newspaper in the Bay Area, the Mercury News. They are doing a story about what people are doing while in self isolation. Here’s what the paper sent to me:

“Thanks for doing this project with me. We hope to have it run in the paper in two weeks. Here is what we’ve been asking people to write for us.

We are asking each family or person to write a little brief on how this has affected each family/person. What are doing to support each other or yourself. And then send me the one word that you want to hold up. And let us know why you chose that word? I sent a few photos attached in this email so you can see an example. It doesn’t have to be all colorful but as long as we can read it clearly. Can you email your response with your home address and a cell # and a good time to come by to take the photo. The only days I can’t go are Tuesday and Wednesdays because I am off those days. Also if you can include the name or names, and ages of everyone in the photo and what you do for a living.

Words that already have been used are:
Toby Strong

Thank you for doing this!”

My response:

“My word is Fortunate
I chose this word because my children are safe and healthy, I have saved enough money to ride out this pandemic and I live in an area where I can ride my bike along the beautiful Bay Trail while maintaining appropriate distancing from others.”

What did I choose to appear in my photo? My beloved Sur Ron, the primary item that keeps me sane amid all of the insanity that COVID-19 has wrought on our world. I try to ride every day, rain or shine just to keep me sane. I rode just before his arrival today too.

Thank you Sur Ron, thank you.

The Mercury News Article “How 9 Bay Area families are coping at home in the COVID-19 age”


  1. I purchased one of your electric moto bikes online through oppify.com and when trying to show a friend who is also interested in possibly purchasing one, I went to the website and it wouldn’t load the page. Upon checking into the reason I found the site I purchased my Sur-Ron electric moto bike had shut down and the site store was up for sale. Is there any information that you could possibly give me about whether or not my purchase was valid and or when I might possibly receive it ? And if not, can you possibly supply the information I need to get ahold of xxxxxxxx.com in order to find out my approximate date for receiving the item or information on how to be refunded my money for the purchase in which final payment was made on 03/23/2020 and although I received my confirmation of payment, I have not had a response and cannot reach anyone by email or phone as I have tried contacting them on 3 separate occasions. Thank you in advance, and I hope that I am able to receive my purchase and come back to give what I am sure will be an awesome review. Excited and can’t wait !

    • Jeffery just to be clear I am NOT a Sur Ron retailer, distributor or importer of the bike. I am simply a user who has assembled modifications that I’ve made to my bike. If you purchased your bike using a credit card, I would suggest you contact your credit card issuer to see if they can assist you.

      Also since your name was linked to the site you said you purchased your bike through I have deleted that link from your name along with any link reference in your comment. I do NOT want others going to that site since I found it to be malware infected.

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