My friend Lee made me aware of an article written by Seb of Luna Cycle. Seb gave me permission to link to that page here. Thanks to both Lee and Seb!


    • Thanks Andreas, but because I’m no longer on FB I won’t be able to view it. Thanks for the plug with Luna! LOL

  1. Hope they do it 😉

  2. Well…they kicked me out :D…questioned the choice of their new Battery connectors ….lol…

    • Andreas sorry to hear that. I hate Facebook and that is why I left it and went on to build and maintain this site. If someone doesn’t like what I have to say; don’t visit the site. I’m not beholding to anyone or indebted to anyone or anything. It’s just one of the benefits of building and maintaining my own site. I’m not using it to make income or attract advertisers so if people don’t visit or LIKE the site, I could give a shit.

      As my own adult kids often say “Dad is only ever ten seconds away from telling someone to fuck off.” It’s true, but at least as I’ve aged I’ve moved from five seconds to ten. LOL

  3. Wise words , man 😉

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