My friend Lee made me aware of an article written by Seb of Luna Cycle. Seb gave me permission to link to that page here. Thanks to both Lee and Seb!


    • Thanks Andreas, but because I’m no longer on FB I won’t be able to view it. Thanks for the plug with Luna! LOL

  1. Hope they do it 😉

  2. Well…they kicked me out :D…questioned the choice of their new Battery connectors ….lol…

    • Andreas sorry to hear that. I hate Facebook and that is why I left it and went on to build and maintain this site. If someone doesn’t like what I have to say; don’t visit the site. I’m not beholding to anyone or indebted to anyone or anything. It’s just one of the benefits of building and maintaining my own site. I’m not using it to make income or attract advertisers so if people don’t visit or LIKE the site, I could give a shit.

      As my own adult kids often say “Dad is only ever ten seconds away from telling someone to fuck off.” It’s true, but at least as I’ve aged I’ve moved from five seconds to ten. LOL

      • I too hate FB, for other ( but similar) reasons, and have not been on it for over a year now. I appreciate your site. It’s no bullshit , straight forward and well presented and well thought out content. Not just “ fluff” , but real world useful shit. Thank you. Oh , I have a similar back ground in moto and mostly enduro riding now ( I have a 2016 KTM 690R and a 2019 YZ FX 450 outfitted for cross country enduro rides. My point of this relates to Renazco. I have been using their seats for my enduro bikes for years and in my opinion are the best out there. I appreciate the tip to touch base with Renazco for the Light Bee. I just bought one, and it is enroute so I haven’t rode it yet but am very much looking forward for it. I am a co-owner of a Motorsports dealership ( Polaris and Yamaha ) and we just got distributorship of Sur-on for northern British Columbia , Canada. We especially have a lot of local interest in the bigger motocross style bike to be released as our town is a huge motocross area. Recently many of our “ regulars “ who have their own tracks in city limits have been closed down due to noise restrictions so there is a huge interest in the coming Storm Bee. I think the Light Bee will be a hit as well. Our first order ( we could only get 5) was completely pre sold. Back to the seat , do I have to send my stock seat pan to them or have they made there version of one yet ? Also , since they did it for the Light Bee , maybe they could do it for my ( YZ 450 FX). Thanks again for all the great tips.

        Outlaw Motorsports
        Kamloops , BC

        • Hey Lonny,
          Thanks for the kind words. I’m simply a user like you will soon be and I built this site simply because there was not enough useful information online I could find at the time. James is a good guy and I’m not certain if he has SR seat pans now. I’d call or email him to ask. He did not take a long time to make mine, but since mine was his first maybe that’s why. His seat and the Cane Creek headset are the only items I recommend changing to new owners. Although SR changed from the loose ball bearings to tapered needle bearings my understanding is they are still loose, not sealed. But to each their own.

          Everyone is different and my mods are specific to me, how I ride and where I ride. Doesn’t mean it’s the way to go for others. Enjoy your new bike when it arrives. I would be very interested to know how you feel in terms of this new segment being a dealer of regular moto bikes. The lack of weight and the fun factor (and no valve, oil, gas, etc) means I’ve never looked back.

  3. Wise words , man 😉

  4. PS : I will tell all our customers to access your website for valuable maintenance, modification and just basic overall great information on their new Light Bee.

    Thank you !!

    • My intent is to help other owners so if you wish to pass along this site I’m happy. I’m not trying to sell SRs or push/convince them on anyone. Just sharing my own experience with this remarkable bike. I’m not trying to turn my little bike into a competitor with a moto either, just like I don’t try to turn freshly caught albacore into tasting like steak. They’re both great tasting meals, but are very different and that’s what I enjoy about both.

      I don’t make money on clicks, views, likes and shit. It’s an old fashion website because I’m old fashion. And I’m not smart enough to make videos. LOL

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