The pack fits nicely just above the shock and is in the center of the bike. I simply made a bracket out of flat aluminum to attached my first aid kit with 2″ wide velcro. Made a perfect spot to put a first aid patch too. In the event I’m knocked out and someone can see it!

I have always carried a first aid kit in all of my vehicles be they two or four wheeled. The Sur Ron is no exception. The one I have had on the bike was lashed to the left hand sub frame support. It has always bothered me for two reasons. First the size of the pouch dictated that the types and number of items I could carry was limited due to its size. Second since the kit was located on one side of the bike, IF my bike had fallen to that side and I was disabled or unconscious a passerby would not see it. And it was not clearly marked.

So I used two unused captured bosses on the bike just above the rear shock behind the battery. They are M5 captured nuts so I built a bracket which can hold a variety of items. But what I decided to mount there is my new first aid kit. I used a plastic waterproof tube I purchased from Tap Plastics which is 2″ in diameter that I cut the length of 4″. Using double sided self adhering Velcro 2″ in width I attached the tube to the bracket. I placed a First Aid patch I had onto the unit so that it was easily identifiable as first aid. Just pulling on the patch releases the tube from the mount.

Pulling on the first aid patch releases the tube from the mount. It’s waterproof, airtight and weighs next to nothing.

I ride alone and as such must depend on myself if I become injured or happen upon another person in distress. For me a first aid kit (in addition to KNOWING how to use its contents) is as standard as water for me. Waterproof, airtight and always there it gives me peace of mind.


  1. Hello to you, on the facebook forum of sur-ron some person would be interested in your modification. Do you have any sketch, 3D model to give ?

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