Update June 7 2020

I have added in stock pedal cranks to the pedal section.

Update May 21 2020

The torque wrench I use on my SR. It is not for all fasteners, but almost all…. I have one from my motorcycle days that takes over when I need more than 20 Nm torque.

Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench Set – 2 to 20 Nm

September 2 2019

I have decided to assemble some of the items I’ve purchased and use with my wonderful Sur Ron to potentially help others using this resource. Searching and finding items can sometimes be the most difficult part of improving what you own. I’m sure there are many who have an idea of what they view as ‘better’ for them which is fine! If that’s the case, more power to you,  just share that information with others.

Chain Breaker Having changed sprocket sizes, having the pedal kit means that sometimes I want to add or remove links to my chain. So I purchased these items to do so.

Motion Pro 08-0001 Chain Breaker

Nylon Snap Rivets

You know those effing little ‘things’ under your seat? The ones that hold the under fender onto your seat’s subframe? Eight of those pissy little things! Yeah those effing things. Ever lose one? Ever figure out what the eff they are called?! Well go down to your local Ace Hardware, the one that has all of those cool little drawers with loads of specialty things. That’s what they are!

I bought a whole handful of them because they go to the very same place where some of my missing socks go…..!

These effing things! Ugh! Someone told me they tapped the holes using an M6 tap and then use screws. I’ll try that next.

No this tool is not cheap. But the number of times my cussing scale has been over 7/10 because I bought the wrong size bolt or nut in the wrong thread pitch….well it’s worth the fifty bucks to me. Anyway I could never do without this handy tool again. MUCH better than the ones at the hardward stores too.

The ability to find out that the strange spline nut that holds the swingarm bolt onto the bike is a M10 1.0 pitch at my home was worth the fifty bucks alone!
The set comes with metric and SAE

Nut and Bolt Thread Checker (Complete SAE/Inch and Metric Set)

Crank Arm remover

One of the items I purchased is a crank arm puller for my pedal kit. Very inexpensive, small, light and well made. I highly recommend this kit if you wish to pull your crank from the pedal spindle. Well worth the ten bucks.

Oumers Bike Crank Extractor/Arm Remover and Bottom Bracket Remover


RK Racing Chain M420-110 (420 Series) 110-Links Standard Non O-Ring Chain with Connecting Link

Master Links NON O Ring

420 Chain Scooter Moped Connecting non O ring Master Link Pack of 3

SRT Gold 420 O-Ring Chain 132L

O Ring 420 Master Links

For some strange reason these are not easy to find. I ALWAYS carry one on my bike in the event I break a chain. So if you have one of the Gold O ring chains this is the master link you need.

RK 420SO 420S0 O-Ring Master Connecting Link (Clip) 420 Chain 420SOZ

Chain Cleaning Brush

For YEARS I have used my tried and true Grunge brush to clean my chain. We’re talking decades. But I recently discovered a brush that works much better for me. Sure it took some getting use to placing it onto my chain, but man I’ll never go back now.

Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain

Brake Line Olives and connectors For when you shorten your brake lines, you will need these:

JooFn MTB Mountain Bike Bicycle Olive and Connecting Insert for Shimano BH90 Hydraulic Disc Brake Hose (BH59)

Brake Pads

Resin Organic Semi-metal Brake Pads for Shimano BR

SHIMANO Saint BR-M810 Bicycle Brake Pads

Carry Tool

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (19-Function)

Swingarm Spline nut tool

If you’re trying to remove your swingarm this is the tool you will need. (Of course you can just use a punch or screwdriver I prefer to use the right too for the right job.)

The spline socket that removes the swingarm nut. The tool can be purchased here.
The spline nut that comes as OEM for the swingarm.

My Emergency Tool Kit holder

I lash the bike multi tool using this pouch to the right side of the seat support.

OneTigris Tactical MOLLE Folding Horizontal Vertical Belt Tool Pouch

Front Fender

Mudhugger Long Front Fender

Rear Mud Flap I fabricated a small bracket to hold this flap. It’s easy to do.



I had an unfortunate incident happen when I allowed someone to ride my bike. He apparently did two 100 yard wheelies. When he returned my bike the left crank arm was bent so that it would not clear the kickstand. Oh and the pedal was fucked up. So I researched these and found them to be incredible for grip and strength. Oh and if you’re concerned about nylon as the primary material I advise you to never purchase a Glock handgun…..enough said.

Race Face Chester Platform Pedals

Crank Arms

As of June 7 2020 I have found pedal kit crank arms which have the correct offset and are in stock as of this date.

ZUL Crank Arms 140mm (Pair) $14.99 USD

I replaced my Luna pedal kit crank arms with these.


As of May 2020 the Monty Crank arms are very tough to find. I have found others that work and are available.

ZUL Crank Arms 140mm (Pair)

The silver cranks are OEM Luna pedal kit and the EULs are the black models.



Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tires – I ride a combination of gravel, trails, pavement and loose dirt and shallow sand. These work great for me.


I have installed Tubliss, an alternative to tubes.


Motorcycle Lock – Universal Aluminum CNC Motorcycle Handle Throttle Grip

Motorcycle Grip Lock Holster for BigPantha I use this to hold the lock above. I have attached it to the front of my bike just above my First Aid kit. Makes it very convenient to remove from the pouch for a quick cup of coffee or stopping at the grocery store.

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm Waterproof Security Cycling Bike Alarm with Remote

Like most things it’s just a deterrent. I have mine placed under my battery cover. That way it’s loud and when the battery needs to be replaced it’s easy to get to. Range is decent, but most important It’s loud!

The 560G I use this lock to attach to something immovable when a bit more security is needed. I have insurance on my Sur Ron which includes theft, but I still try to make it difficult for someone to steal my beloved bike. Keep in mind that with enough time and tools ANYTHING CAN BE STOLEN OR BREACHED. Just ask the Secret Service about John F. Kennedy…..enough said.

Master Lock Street Cuff Locks, 9-Hardened Steel Links, 22 in. Long

I watched a video which compromised the lock. Took the person a while to compromise it so I bought one. I really like the fact that the length is enough for me to lock it to a pole around either my swing arm or the forks.


I like to carry stuff from time to time and I don’t like wearing backpacks. Just don’t like the feeling and don’t want something I’m carrying that can injure me in the event of a crash. So this is what I’ve found works best for me.

Wolfman Luggage S0303 – Enduro Tank Bag V-1.7

Nelson-Rigg CL-2014-ST Black Medium Journey Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag Strap Mount

Expandable when needed and a nifty rain cover is included. I use this when my packing needs exceed my Wolfman tank bag.

ZigZag Handlebar Bag made by a company called GiantLoopMoto.com.

Rear View Mirror When riding on the street one of the things I HAVE TO HAVE is a mirror to know what is going on behind me, especially at stop signs or signals. One of my friends was killed at a stop light when a motorist slammed into him because she was applying makeup.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Lens, Safe Rearview Mirror

CRG Blindsight Bar End Mirror – I use this mirror for the right side of my bike. Very stealthy.

Answer ProTAPER 810 Handlebar 3″ Rise 31.8 Black

I like the additional 3″ of added height to my bars. Great for when I’m standing.

I use my Android cell phone for speed and angle so I wanted something that would not only hold it securely, but keep it out of harm’s way in the event of a crash. I opted for the Quad Lock mounting system.

Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

I use this light because I love it! It has variable output from 80 to 3200 lumens along with a flashing 700 lumen mode. And it has an on/off switch. Made by a former Luna employee too!

Fisher Fab House Ultra 3200 LED E-Bike Light

Bottle Bosses

This was perhaps the most difficult thing to configure for me. Bottle bosses placed on the Sur Ron Frame. I finally found mounts that do not rotate. They are tightened by a screw which makes it very easy to cinch them down tight. I also used some 3M grip tape under them.

Elite 0123301 VIP Cage Clamps Water Bottle Cage, 25mm-70mm, Black

I use a Topeak Modula Java Bottle Cage because it’s adjustable for differing bottle widths.

I like the Contigo AUTOSEAL Fit Trainer Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 20 oz, Stainless Steel. Insulated, but most important the cover for the part where you place your mouth for a drink. Mud, dirt, muck all get kicked up even though I have a front fender. The last thing I want is to suck on dirt when I’m thirsty.

Protective Wear I wear this stuff when I am in OHV parks or doing serious off-road riding.

Protective Upper Body jacket

Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket I am CERTAIN that had it not been for my spine protectors I would be disabled due to racetrack crashes. Yes the speeds were different, but there weren’t sharp objects or rocks like I experience on trails either….food for thought.

Shin Guards

Lower body protection – ever taken a powerful impact to your knee? It’s no fun.

Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee/Shin Guard – One size fits most/Black


My street/dual sport helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet (Marauder Matte/Gloss Blackout)

My dirt helmet

Bell Super 3R MIPS Bike Helmet


I’ve worn Aerostich gear in 20 years of motorcycle street riding. I’ve crashed and slid with their gear and totally trust that I am protected. So I purchased their new AD1 pants to wear when I’m riding on the street or on paved/gravel paths. I already own their Darien jacket which is what I also wear in those instances.

Aerostich AD1 Motorcycle Pants



Fox Head Men’s Bomber Glove

Lighter weight then the Fox gloves. I wear these for lighter weight but they offer less protection than the Fox’s.

G-Form Pro Trail Gloves

As far as boots I have so many pairs from my motorcycle racing days. My preferred brands are Daytona, AlpineStar and Sidi. Anything that protects your very vulnerable ankle bones is something you should wear.


  1. Hi Mark. Could you set your site up so when we click on your off site links it opens in a new window rather than taking us away from your site? Thanks for getting these moved over here, bet it took a lot of effort.

    • OK Bin I was just in that section adding some stuff so since you are WAY OLDER than me I took pity on you and did just that! BUT the other comment you left asking if I can cut up your food for you I had to delete. It just wasn’t relevant to the bike…sorry! LOL!!!!!

    • Just hold down Ctrl then click the link
      It will open a new tab

  2. Nylon snap rivets, who knew? I went into Ace they didn’t know, now that I know you won’t have to cut up my food anymore,wow, I will miss that

  3. Hi Mark,
    just wanted to say thanks for sharing all this info – it’s helped me square away my new Sur Ron X.

    • Hey Jeff, thanks so much for your kind note. Helping others with their SRs is the goal of this site. So I’m always pleased to hear it has helped others. Enjoy what I consider to be a remarkable bike.

  4. Hi Mark
    Thanks for all the great information. I am waiting for my Sur-Ron to arrive and am consuming all the information on your site. You mentioned a torque wrench on your podcast with Seb. Could you point me to where I could find that information.

    • I Patrick, thank you. Because of your question I have added the torque wrench into my Gear I Use section. You can find it there now and thank you for your question.

  5. Hi Mark – I just ordered a SR bike. Thanks for the information you are posting. Very helpful for a rookie. Brake pads are not available at Amazon. Do you know where I can get them?

    Thank you

  6. In regards to those skanky plastic rivets, I drilled and tapped 4 holes on the underside and now it’s easy peasy to pull the seat off.

    • Good several people have tapped the holes and replaced the rivets with bolts.

  7. Im waiting on my new surron and reading this website is really helpful. Thanks so much for putting together a great resource. Can’t wait to ride!

    • Thank you Alex. I built and maintain this site to help other owners so thank you for letting me know it has helped you. Enjoy your bike!

  8. Are you running the Shinkos in 19×2.75″ wide? How is the clearance on the rear?

    • Russ I’m running the Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tires. Tire Size: 2.75×19 with no issues for clearance in the rear. I also switched to a 1.6″ wide rear rim without issue.

    • Thank you Andy. I hope you find it useful. (Sorry to your credit card though…..)

  9. Hey Mark, what a great list, although i did not find any brake upgrades, only the pads.
    Are you still running the stock calipers?
    I have owned mine for a year and my rear brakes are shot due to the mushroom bolt being stripped.
    Was looking to upgrade, but if i cant find any, i will just get the oem replacement set from luna.

    • Hi Jason, thank you. Yes I still use the OEM calipers on my bike. Two years 4000+ miles. I have changed the pads for sure as I found the OEM pads poor in feel, stopping power and power. If you have stripped the head of the mushroom head on the caliper you can try to EZ out the bolt. Or it can be a convenient excuse to buy a new brake! LOL I do use Magura MT5’s on my mountain bike and really like them. But for how/what I ride the OEM SR brake calipers are fine. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi Mark,
    Excellent info, thanks! I also find the riding position very uncomfortable when standing up… tried to find the Answer ProTAPER 810 Handlebar 3″ Rise 31.8 Black, but they are on backorder everywhere… found the Reverse Deviant handlebar 76MM rise here:
    I will update once I receive them..

  11. This is probably a seriously stupid question, but i can’t help it. my mechanical know how is lower than your average three-year old. is a special tool need to install those effing rivets?

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Steven EVERYONE knows little about something so no worries. Plus those rivets are not a common thing. Nope no special tool to insert them. I use a small flathead screwdriver to leverage the head of the rivet out. Removing them tends to be a 7/10 cussing level because they fly off and I lose them.

      • Thanks, but please never ask me a question about mechanical things more complex than pumping air into a tire. Or would that be a tube?

        • LOL deal.

  12. I’m trying to set up my bike so it’s almost identical to your Wicked Walle, and that includes installing a Shinko 244 dualie on the back. You’ve already talked about the tire in response to one of your other fans. But (and this happens) i’m confused. Does the tire fit the stock rims, or is it nec. to go with wider rim like you did?

    Thanks very much. you provide Sur-Ron freaks like me with invaluable info unavailable anywhere else. You have definitely earned your place in E-Moto Heaven.

    • The Shinko 244s in 2.75×19 fit the stock OEM rim no problem. Keep in mind I’ve found they are not good in heavy mud or deep sand. But other than that I love them. WallE has a new sister, Sofia. I’m just about done building my Cake Kalk& site to help other owners. There is little to no information about the bikes other than marketing and ride videos.

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