The craftsman who made my seat, James Renazco of Renazco Racing turned me on to a fantastic storage solution for my bike! It’s called the ZigZag Handlebar Bag made by a company called  I had never heard of them before receiving this bag which is no surprize. What I find most difficult is locating stuff I need or want without knowing where to find it. That’s exactly the same in this case. Prior to having James introduce me to this device I was using this and this which is much less efficient than the ZigZag Bag!

LOADS of space in here!
My handlebar grip lock and CO2 tire inflation kit easily fits. Heck there’s even room left over for snacks!
There’s an interior zippered mesh pocket that is just right for cash, bandaids, my license or loose stuff that can easily get lost. A great spot for an extra master link or zip ties too!
The bag easily fits over the handlebars and does not sway or bounce up and down on rough terrain. The wide straps secure around the handlebar with Velcro.
The cinch straps which go through friction buckles in the front EASILY go around the top triple clamp to keep the bag from bouncing up and down on rough terrain.

I cannot think of a better ‘glove box’ bag for my bike! It’s simple, convenient, well made and a great addition to my bike. The logo and silver accents on the front of the bag are reflective as well!

Thanks James!

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