February 29 2020

UBCO FRX1 TRAIL BIKE is now listed for pre orders. Price is listed at $8999.00 plus tax and shipping and they have opted to remove the pedals as were shown on the original Neematic bike. For me it seems a shame, but for others it will be viewed as a blessing. UBCO has also opted to replace the original bicycle seat with a traditional dirt bike configuration.

I have a few concerns with the design of the bike:

  1. The engine is used as a stressed member of the frame since both the swing arm and primary trellis frame are bolted to the engine. Much like the British MG Midget in the 1970s. Can the engine take the sheer and torsional stress in off road environments? Hum…perhaps, but maybe not. The foot pegs also appear to be directly attached to the underside of the engine, meaning the rider’s weight is borne by the engine. It just appears that there will be quite a bit of stress on the engine as a component of the frame.
  2. The second concern is the rear shock appears to be a direct mount without progressive linkage. So throughout the stroke of the arm the spring rate is the same rather than progressive.
  3. And finally the battery appears to be susceptible to impact, at least without being able to see if there is a skid plate from the profile angle. And again the battery appears to be supported by the upper tressis frame, with the lower battery mount supported by the engine. The only attachment points to the engine appear to be the lower shock mount and the engine’s center point.

I was very attracted to the Neematic prior to discovering the Sur Ron. But at that time it was yet to be released and listed for 9k Euros, a bit much for a bike I could never touch or find reviews about back then. The trellis frame is sexy, but I’m wondering about using the engine as a stressed member of the bike. But I’m not a mechanical engineer, so who knows. And as of this recent February 29 2020 post I cannot locate when the bike will be produced…..for me it’s still vaporware, but at least now supported by a company who has experience selling completed bikes.

Is this bike worth 250% more than the current Luna Sur Ron X bike price? That’s up to each individual, but not for me.

September 6 2019

Prior to purchasing the Sur Ron I became incredibly interested in the Neematic bike. You can read about that in my About Mark section. In any event a current company named UBCO who produces a very slick utility bike is now set to sell the Neematic. The article where I read about this states “The UBCO FRX1 Freeride Trail Bike is set to be debuted at the AIMExpo on Sept 26 in Columbus, Ohio.”

THIS would be the only bike I’d consider to replace my Sur Ron. That would depend on several factors, but I’m excited that this bike may ACTUALLY BE PRODUCED. Competition breeds improvement in any class of manufacturing.


  1. Perhaps push Sur-Ron and/or Luna to develop a more robust pedal kit? They did this with the headest bearings. The original UBCO bike was one of the first I looked at when I started this quest. Coming from a hunting more utility in the back country history, the UBCO looked very appealing. Having my Light Bee for a couple of months now, I can honestly say that the lighter more nimble class was a better choice for me. Hauling butt is much more fun than hauling gear.

    That FRX1 looks like a design starting from a true mountain bike, whereas the Bee sure seems to me to be a design originating from a motorcycle. With both headed towards the same market niche. Interesting looking bike.

    • The more I assess the Neematic the more I’m pleased with my decision. The Neematic would not allow the choice between pegs or pedals. The Sur Ron allows me to make that choice.

  2. Mark, yes, pedals as an option is nice. UBCO’s actual designed bike has what appears to be a robust frame, with it supporting body and battery. Hub drives in the wheeels. This Neematic definitely gives me pause with the way the frame is set up. It looks like the back end and suspension may be pivoting on the motor shaft. I will be curious to see how the gearing works, and perhaps some reviews on the “robustness” of the frame/motor design. I do have to say it is a good looking bike, much like ours.

  3. Guys…lets be honest…who really needs a crankset on a e-motorbike?

  4. Andreas, until such time we have uniform laws for bike/offroad vehicle usage (state/local/federal), there will be lots of folks who can benefit from a crankset. As the Light Bee can be ridden in a manner consistent with the parameters generally legislated to be consistent with what an e-bicycle can do or is allowed to do, why should the Bee be excluded simply because it does not have pedals, or because it has a throttle. Put pedals on a Bee, and the only appreciable difference between it and a e-bicycle is the throttle. Assuming it is being ridden in a manner consistent with where and how e-bicycles are being ridden and governed.

    Currently I am using my Bee as more of an e-motorbike, as you note. While I have a pedal kit, I have no need currently to install. But I am only an hour away from Colorado, and if I ever plan for any riding weekends up there on Federal land, I will most definitely be installing the pedals.

  5. well Craig ..it is a motorbike..there is no denying. So why put something on it which is practically useless ??

  6. Andreas, it is not much different than someone adding lights, blinkers and mirrors to many motorbikes, to make them legal for public roads. I have seen more than a few youtubes with folks indicating the pedals make the Bee legal in the jurisdiction in which they intend to ride. Or to get classification as a moped, for registration and insurance purposes.

    Perhaps useless for you, perhaps of limited use for me right this moment, but I generally try and not project my use/experience/needs onto others, with blanket vague condemnations.

  7. Gentlemen, I am going to say something here. I built this site to help owners, plain and simple. I do know that people have their own opinions about this or that. But I will always caution EVERYONE that saying that someone ‘should or should not’ do this or that with their bikes is better left to the endless forums that exist where many just have to be right.

    I have a pedal kit installed for my own personal reasons. I could care less what others think about why I’ve done so. It meets my personal needs. For those that don’t agree that it’s something they want, that’s fine. If they don’t like it, just don’t come here, build your own site where you can say how you feel it is the RIGHT WAY (MEANING YOUR WAY) to own or operate something.

    For now I’ll leave it at that. But IF this continues I’ll just delete the comments, why? Well because it’s my site and I pay for it and built the fucking thing. It’s one of the main reasons I moderate comments. I don’t have a stake in the sales of Sur Rons. I do this as a service to other owners. I put my money where my mouth is by doing this.

  8. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for noting our next phase with UBCO bikes. It’s time to hit the market. Would love if you could get back to me via email to discuss more – interested in your views. Thank you!

  9. Mark, I honestly apologize that it came that far but the comment section isn´t there to comment?? nly to pad each others back? Well then…

    • Andreas my comment section is not designed or meant to be a ‘hey let’s all kiss and hold hands’ kind of thing. When people want to present alternative views rather than implying “I’m right and they way you’re doing it is stupid” kind of comments then that’s absolutely fine. I purposely avoid forums because that’s the kind of constant behavior I have found there. So I don’t participate in forums. Choosing to visit a site or forum is an individual choice. I’m not here to argue back and forth. I got divorced because of that shit.

  10. Me too 😀

  11. Mark, after reading your comments in regard to the Neematic I did a little research and found it to be an interesting bike and would like to see what UBCO does with the design and then read some reviews etc.

    I know from your site that you’re not adverse to sharing other ebike brands with your readers so I thought I’d ask if you’re familiar with or know anything about the Teznic.com line of Sur Ron products and bikes? If you have time, take a look at the direction they’re going with their own version of the next generation version of our Sur Ron, read their specs/Honda CRF150R components/performance and pricing. I’m more than a little excited about this bike, I wouldn’t replace my Bee for it but I would sell off another ICE bike…Mark

    • Thanks Mark I have reviewed their site and added a link to it here. Thank you for alerting me to this very interesting company.

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