Be aware that this post will not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I found the message, the point, the assembly of his project spot on for me. Sure at the very end of his brilliant storytelling is a Sur Ron. But his point is so poignant to me;

“I love that idea of a motorcycle, but it’s a white whale. And if manufacturer’s mono maniacally spear themselves to it the whole ship is going down. A more practical way forward is closer to where we started – small motors and small bikes.”

Bravo and I’m right there with you on the future.


  1. Well, THAT was sure a fun watch, Thousands (well) spent in cinematography on a $200 bike, and there was a Sur Ron in there…

    • He has an excellent YouTube channel and advice. Already bought some of the tools he recommends. Glad to have found him.

      I did NOT know about JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screw heads versus normal Phillips head screws. He explain briefly, but I found this one to be much more comprehensive. So I bought one here.

      And BTW my gf and business partner is a filmmaker. It’s one of the many reasons I find first person ride videos so boring. Sure the person that takes it thinks it’s cool just like friends use to make us watch their 8mm family vacation movies….ugh! For me there needs to be a story and he does that, much like my gf does. Thousands? Maybe. Worth it?, for me it is because it keeps my attention and tells a story.

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