One of the men I watched on YouTube before buying my Light Bee was John Holmes of Holmes Hobbies. I really appreciated his videos and he has over a million views of his Sur Ron stuff. Anyway he purchased one of Eric’s limited edition Luna Ludicrous R models and has made a video comparing them.


  1. he can probably count me a few times on his video counter, as I did watch them a few times. In all honesty, when I saw the first couple, I thought just another enthusiast that can build wheels. It wasn’t until a watched a few more that I realized he may know a thing or three about batteries, motors etc. I now listen very carefully when he speaks.

    That Limited bike does not do much for me, in and of itself, but speaks volumes about perhaps Luna taking the base configuration and doing very worthwhile upgrades. This helps my confidence that Luna has invested more than just middleman sales to the platform. Hopefully good news for us owners. Craig

  2. Holmes Hobbies is a big number in RC car electronics…he knows his stuff and lets be honest: His videos are hilarious! 😀 Very good to see that he is so passionate about the bikes and he will continue his interesting contributions.

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