He asked me, “You like how it looks factory?” I so admire craftsmen! I had my gf bake him a loaf of her sourdough bread.

Because I have a 21” front rim and tire which is around 1.5” higher in overall profile than the OEM tire, my bike leans further over than normal. And more than I’m comfortable with too! When I had the SuperMoto kit installed; because they’re 17” rims the bike stood up way too straight. So I tried my best to figure out how to lengthen the kickstand, but I just could not come up with a DIY solution. Sure I could carry a piece of plywood and shove it under the kickstand foot, but for me that’s bush league….

Man compared to most of the stuff they do/make my little piss ant stuff is nothing!

So I decided to ask the metal fabricator who made my rear shock bridge if he had a solution. “Mark of course I do, how much longer do you want it?” I kinda felt like I was at a penal implant clinic! Hahahaha I had measured that I needed one inch added in length and thought he was going to just enlarge the foot of the kickstand. So I ordered a new kickstand from Luna and took it to Gerard. In two days he called to let me know it was ready! He was not there when I arrived, but one of the welders said it was on the desk. When I looked at it I thought “Oh no he didn’t change it at all!” But upon inspection I discovered that instead of using my lame brain idea of the foot extension, he actually extended the leg of the kickstand!

He did such an incredible job! It looks factory. Be sure to reuse that very thin washer that goes on the backside of the bushing. It helps to keep the pivot of the kickstand smooth. Sur Ron you rock!

I write this how to for two reasons, first I thought it was going to be easy to change my kickstand, just unbolt the thing, remove the tension spring and that’s it! NO WAY, just like most things it involved more than just that. If you are going to replace the peg mount because yours is fractured you would be removing it from the frame anyway. I had not planned on doing that and that was stupid. So here goes:

First the kickstand is not only bolted to the left side peg mount, but there is a bushing that goes through the hole in the kickstand AND the peg mount. The bolt travels through the bushing. First just remove the entire assembly, meaning the peg mount and be sure to remove the side stand sensor before you do so.

I removed the spring using a pair of vice grips with the stand in the folded position. It’s the shortest distance, even though they look pretty close, folded or extended. Remove the nut on the back side of the kickstand. Then unscrew the bolt. And here’s where I got confused….

I could not determine how the bushing was to be removed. I noticed threads on the interior of the back side of the peg mount and ‘thought’ the bushing must be threaded into the peg mount. Nope it’s not. The reason there are tapped threads inside the rear portion of the kickstand is to prevent the bolt from compressing the flange which would bind the stand against the peg mount. Sur Ron engineers really thought this through.

So I used a vice and punch to GENTLY tap the bushing out of the kickstand and peg mount. Once that’s done they separate easily. If you’re not replacing your kickstand with a new one no need to read further….

The new replacement stand I bought from Luna does NOT have a magnet installed that lets the sensor know that the kickstand is down. And trying to remove that magnet is impossible. I happen to have many small magnets so I just glued one into the recess in the new kickstand.

The magnets. The top one is the OEM one. No way I could get that out. And FYI the kickstand is aluminum.

Anyway it’s all done and I went for a test ride and stopped at most of my usual spots. In the past I tried to find a rock or ‘something’ to prop up my bike so it was not leaning so far. Man it’s so nice to not have to do that anymore! I know that some people use a MTB 26” front rim/tire so I’m sure they experience the same Leaning Tower of Sur Ron that I did. But unlike the Millennium Tower in San Francisco that is leaning more each day, my beloved bike does not!

Side by side. Left, OEM kickstand. Right, once inch longer makes a difference. (that’s what she said…LOL)


  1. Mark, thanks for sharing this well executed modification. What’s the actual length addition, 1.5 inches?
    All best.

  2. John you’re welcome. For my 21er it is exactly 1 inch longer. Upright with just the right amount of lean.

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