I was just made aware of the Kuberg Ranger Electric Motorcycle, yet another LEO offering. Kuberg has made ebikes before but primarily hub drives. Anyway it’s a very unique concept in the ever expanding LEO space.

Indiegogo Campaign

A guy who lives near me followed me on his Kuberg and we got to chat in 2019. He exclusively uses his bike to commute to and from work.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Always interesting to see what’s coming down the line, only wish I was 20 yrs. younger (heck, 40 yrs. younger) so that I could be here to see where this ebike revolution is going. I’m not sure about the small diameter rear wheel on the Kuberg but as always, can’t wait to read more about it. So far, I’m saving my pennies towards the Teznic project as it ticks all the right boxes for me but I applaud all entries into this category, it’s all good…Mark

    • If we were both young enough to see where this ICE to EV is going that would be fantastic! First it was horse drawn to steam; then steam to ICE and now ICE to EV. Exciting times for sure.

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