I purchased and had installed the Luna Cycle 60t stainless steel sprocket. My desire for more lower end torque over top end prompted me to purchase one of Eric’s units. Went on easy as can be. My only concern is that the included chain extension takes the chain adjusting screws to almost the end of their reach. Not a big deal, but I will probably remove a link to keep the rear axle in the middle of the adjustment range. The added torque down low changes the personality of the Sur Ron more to my personal taste. Exiting a corner and the ability to climb steep hills has always been good, but now it’s great!

Tonight I wanted to see just how much the 60t sprocket reduced my top speed. (like I need ANY excuse to ride!) Luna states that it will max out the top end at 28MPH. Another user stated he obtained a top speed of 32 MPH. Tonight I got 36 MPH measured via a GPS app on flat ground. The hill climbing with the larger sprocket is incredible especially for a bike this small and this light. For what I use my bike for anything over 30 MPH is plenty. My top track speed on my RC51 was 168 MPH so if I want top end I’ll ride that bike! LOL

I’m not sure what the angle degree it is to get up to this spot, but it’s easily over 30 degrees. No question if the Sur Ron would climb this hill, not even a slight hesitation. Remarkable.

I want to dispel a myth that even folks at Luna support. I’m living proof that the 60 tooth sprocket CAN BE USED with the pedal kit. Enough said! LOL

Once I installed the Gen1 USA X controller I decided to remove the 60t sprocket and reinstall the 48t. Why? Because the added torque of the controller made the 60t redundant for what I ride.


  1. Where did you get that rear fender?

    • Doug, please use my search feature in the upper right hand corner. Simply type in fender and it will take you to what I used. I built this site so that you can search for anything I have available. Using the search feature on my site is as easy as Google search.

  2. great review, thank you! also finally someone using the pedal kit and the big sprocket!
    so no problems with the sur ron on bike trails that alow e-bikes?
    we only have bike trails by me so the pedal would be my only option.
    I was wondering when you ride, do people say anything about the size of the bike on trails or just see the pedals and not say anything?
    feedback would be great! thanks!

    • Hey Andy thank you. Your question about issues on MTB trails with the SR has a ton of factors. First if you rode in my area without pedals you would definitely get hassled as a motorcycle and rightfully so. Probably the most important aspect I observe is NOT riding like a bat out of hell on the trails. It may be because I’m older and have raced all of my life. I got nothing to prove and the trails are not a racetrack.

      I watch and listen for others as I ride. When I hear people then I slow down. Only on one occasion has anyone said anything to me that seemed unfriendly. It was a white mountain biker in his 30s. I stopped listening to his rant and then in the middle of his bitching I lowered my face shield and just kept going. I figure I’ve broken up with girlfriends who bitched less than him. Other than that though people have been friendly and curious. I tend to not make eye contact with people or stop where they congregate though. And since I’m self employed (now unemployed) I go when most 8-5ers are at work.

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