Mirror mirror on the wall…..

Having ridden street bikes (motorcycles) for so long and training people I just don’t feel comfortable riding without a mirror on the street. At least on the left side. As a trainer I use to ask “Tell me about your accident and I’ll tell you why it was your fault.” Even though I sometimes sit at a traffic light in a well marked bike lane on my way to offroad areas, I always keep an eye on my 6:00 in the event some dumb shit is using their cell phone as they approach the light or stop sign. Even a small tap or veering into the bike lane can be deadly for me. I hate antenna mirrors, so I installed a bar end left side mirror on my bike. The issue arose when I would get to my offroad area. Some of the paths are narrow and the mirror snags brush. So after much searching I found a small 2″ mirror that I had hoped would replace the bar end unit. I can see to my left, but unfortunately not directly behind me. So I reinstalled the bar end mirror and mounted the small 2″ on the right side.

The right side mirror is very stealthy.
I can see under my right arm to keep an eye on traffic to my right. No worries about catching brush on the right side.
Can’t see it from any angle really except from the cockpit. Only wish I could see directly behind me, but the right tool for the right job….

I’m really fortunate that I live in an area where I can ride to off road trails easily. Some folks poopoo (those who consider themselves hard core off road¬†riders…LOL) mirrors, but that’s OK. I don’t plan to get rear ended as I ride to my offroad joy.

My armband rear view mirror. It’s really handy when I’m riding to an off road area that is quite wooded and I don’t want to catch my mirror on bushes or trees.

I wear it on my left forearm just below my elbow. I’ve found I can see much more wearing it there than on my wrist.


  1. You might check out Doubletake Mirrors. The Scrambler might be just the ticket for your on road work. They use the RAM mounts so you can fold it up out of the way to protect it for your off-road runs.
    Cheers mate,

    • Hey Griff thanks for the tip!

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