“Jeremy I want to ride it now.” “OK, but after you ride it I get another try!”

My daughter recently got married so many of her high school chums attended. Jeremy who is one of them lives in Lake Tahoe and is an avid downhill mountain biker. During the wedding reception all three of us began talking about bikes since Jeremy drools over the Instagram photos of my Sur Ron. So the next day I invited he and his wife over to take a spin on my bike, WallE! I could not recall downhill mountain bikers who have ridden a Sur Ron, they tend to primarily be ICE riders.

Well needless to say they are hooked! His wife got the very same look us fellas get at a strip club…LUST! LOL And since they are downhill and regular MTBer’s they know the price of fully suspended MTBs. So when I told them that Luna has the bikes for $3300.00 (although at this time they are sold out with no ETA) their mouths were agape!

His wife IMMEDIATELY began running numbers in her head to determine when SHE could buy a Sur Ron! “F” the husband! Hahahahaha.

What’s the saying? “Happy wife, happy life!?”


  1. Aaaaaaand…..We are converted! Haha. Well not converted, just in addition to. Not selling the AM bikes but I think the DH bikes will now be collecting dust!

    • Welcome to a better world grasshopper! LOL Let the addiction begin!

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