RideApart’s article about the new Otto Bike

Even though this site is built to support Sur Ron owners I thought many of you would be intrigued by this bike. Plus it mentions the Sur Ron bikes:

“Smaller than the Sur-Ron’s Storm Bee but larger than the Light Bee, Otto Bike positions the MXR in a unique class. Though the Storm Bee has generated anticipation leading up to EICMA 2019, the Sur-Ron MX’s top speed of 68 mph and 278-pound curb weight doesn’t match Otto Bike’s MXR.”

A built in onboard charger is very cool! Exciting times for the EV two wheeled world. I’m totally biased since I feel the weight, performance and looks of the Light Bee is tough to beat. Different strokes for different folks though!


  1. Whenever I visit one of the many MC shops in the USA.
    They look at you as if your crazy when you ask for an electric bike.
    Around here in Western PA the 4 strokes noise is ruining the dirt bike sport.
    I`m an retired electrical worker. Elevators don’t have ICE Internal combustion Engines.
    Trains and big boats have electric motors with ICE generators.
    Submarines have electric motors with ICE or nuclear power.
    Everything for visiting other planet and the moon will require Electric power.

    I`ve been waiting for an Electric dirt bike since 1975.
    I looked at the Alta but for some reason ALTA failed.
    Finally in Dec 2019 I bought a Surron X light bee.
    I could of bough a Zero but I was hoping for something better and lighters.

    This Otto could be what I want. Obviously not available in the USA. (yet)

    • Hey John, it’s just human nature to resist change. From horse drawn wagons to steam engines. Then from steam to ICE engines. “Where are those damn things gonna get fuel? With steam all you need is water and wood.” Technology changes quickly, people don’t.

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