In my prior life the man who tuned the Ohlins suspension on my RC51 was the crew chief for Erion Racing. Dan is a genius and artist when it came to many things, but most of all with suspension. For some reason he found it fit to give me one of the official Erion Pit shirts along with his own Dan Kyle Racing pit shirts. They are two of my most coveted pieces of clothing.

Anyway I searched long and hard for Sur Ron Pit shirts and could not find any! So like any other issue when I cannot find what I want I either make it or have it made for me. The brands on my shirts are what’s on my bike! So fun!

Dorado Manitou front forks, Ohlins TTX22 rear shock, Cane Creek Headset and Fisher Fab House headlight are on my bike.

Some people wear NFL, NBA, Etc. team wear. I prefer motorsports stuff so that’s what I wear! LOL

And sorry I have no plans to sell shirts. They’re just for my enjoyment.

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