Joel Schmidt of the private Sur Ron Facebook Group has given me permission to edit and post his procedure for replacing the main drive shaft bearings on the Sur Ron. Thank you Joel! And thanks to Lee Riddle for making me aware of Joel’s post.

“I have replaced my bearings myself with hybrid ceramic bearings. Here is a link to the exploded parts diagram:” – Joel Schmidt

It takes three bearings in the bottom bracket hub. One on the belt drive end, two on the chain drive end. They are 10 x 26 x 8 mm and come in a twin pack. It is necessary to purchase two twin packs which means you will have one spare after installing the three required:

Generic 10x26x8 mm 6000-2RS Hybrid Ceramic Si3N4 Ball Bearing (Pack of 2)

You will also need oil seals, which are different on either end of the shaft. This is the oil seal for the chain side. (It is 15 x 24 x 7 mm)

Oil Seal 15X24X7 (2 PCS) Viton Oil Seal Grease Seal

This is the oil seal for the belt side, (It is 15 x 26 x 6 mm)

Oil Seal Size 15mm X 26mm X 6mm 2 Pack


  1. To remove them he used an 8″ long drift punch, which should be 9mm or less in diameter and a hammer. Remove the bearings by prying the center load carrier tube just a bit askew, so the punch can contact the inside lip of the single bearing on the belt drive end.
  2. Clamp the hub in a vise, with the belt drive end down, then pry the load carrier tube inside just a bit off-center.
  3. Once the drift punch obtains a good bite on the belt side bearing, lightly hammer on each side, 180 degrees apart, back and forth, until the bearing and oil seal pop out.
  4. The load carrier tube comes out as well, which makes driving out the chain drive side bearings much easier.
  5. Assembly is simply done with a long threaded rod, bolts, and washers.
  6. Tighten until fully seated.
  7. Don’t forget the load carrier tube, or you’ll have to take a bearing out again to reinstall it.
  8. You can use the right size socket to drive the oil seals in.
  9. This all isn’t that hard to do, just take your time, and it will all come together.



  1. Awesome!!!!

  2. how does it hold up compare to the original? i cant find the same bearing that u use..

    • Hi Barney, because I have not replaced my main drive shaft bearings I cannot answer your question first hand.

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