OK so this fella I’ve only met ‘virtually‘ online is someone I’ve enjoyed chatting with over the past year. I met Lee on the private FB SR group. He links some of my blog posts on that group. Anyway he has lusted after my Lucky Duck that I have on my bike. So I decided to sent him one, albeit very different than my own! Lee is a country fella and I wanted him to have his own Duck with sunglasses and a gold necklace…..so his friends would give him shit! Keep in mind Lee is NOT a photographer (LOL) but these are the photos he sent me of his new riding buddy!

My Lucky Ducky that Lee has loved since I installed him. A great secret regen source too! LOL

Yes the propeller really spins. I tell people that’s how my bike’s regen works!
I made sure his Duck’s helmet was red to match his bike too! After all Country Boys are very finicky about fashion coordination.


  1. After getting flack from the Sur Ron Owners Group for using Black zip ties on a red bike you bet I bought RED zip ties the next day. Mark told me he was going to send me a “deactivated” duck but when I got this Ducky I was surprised with the things the duck can do. Squeeze him and he quacks from an orifice in his butt. His insides can light him up with either steady of flashing light. Of course the “regen thing” with the propeller, but also the added lift the propeller gives helps in clearing small logs on the trail. I kept digging in the accessories and found the gold chain and sunglasses, he is UNIQUE, I just have to chuckle every time I see him, Thank You so much Mark !

  2. Oh I just remembered that the “DUCK Mod” comes with a removable helmet with an actual helmet strap snap closure. So if your duck is over 21 in some states he could ride helmet free.

  3. Sooo awesome ! Where can I get this duck for my personal upgrade ?

    • LOL. Perhaps we can start a Phucking Duck club! Here you go!

  4. Great…lets do it !

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