I’ve been following the news about Segway since they are partnered with Sur Ron. I find it fascinating that they ‘seem‘ to be diving into the two wheel space with apparent enthusiasm. Regardless of electek’s comments about the rider’s skills in the video I am intrigued that they may become a player in the two wheeled arena.

“While the Segway Apex electric motorcycle concept might sound like a strange offering from Segway, which is better known for its affordable standing electric scooters, the move fits the company’s declared goal of expanding into electric powersports.

Segway first got its tires in the door with the Segway electric dirt bike unveiled in November of last year.

While some have pointed out the similarity to the Sur Ron electric trail bike, both Segway and Sur Ron have clarified how the pair have worked together to develop the Segway Dirt eBike. The electric off-road bikes went on sale recently and have racked up hundreds of pre-orders.”

Fingers crossed that the seemingly increased enthusiasm for the new space created by the Sur Ron Light Bee yields more choices and aftermarket parts for our bikes.

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