This post has NOTHING to do with the Sur Ron other than Josh Nowell, the man who built my 21er front rim and is building my 19″ 1.6″ rear wheel made me aware of this video – Wibmer’s Law – Fabio Wibmer. It has EVERYTHING TO DO with the elements in my world I so admire; Skill, Imagination, Concept and Execution. In my day job as  pro photographer I know first hand how much work went into this from the concept to the planning to the execution. Sure it’s Red Bull, but regardless of the household brand name it takes PEOPLE to imagine, create and execute something like this. The rider’s skills are a given. It’s things like this that remind me that skill trumps gear any day of the week.

And I found the 47 minute BTS film (in Austrian, no subtitles btw) which for me personally makes my palms sweat WAY MORE than the final film. WAY MORE. To see all that goes into the making of a film along with all of the mistakes that happen makes me appreciate the final product even more. Wow…

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