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I tend to ‘not like’ many Sur Ron FPV videos. I just find them boring. I know the people who make them like them because it reminds them of their ride, but for me it is like being invited to someone’s home to watch their vacation videos….yawn! LOL. Anyway my friend Lee sent me this video by Barefoot Expedition shot at Indian Bread Rocks Arizona, showing the incredible climbing ability of this bike. PLUS this couple is doing what I plan to do next year!

Original Post August 20 2019

A secret spot where we have dinner and watch the sunset.

When I talk to some bicycle riders, both MTB and road riders, they inquired about why I chose to buy my Sur Ron. “It’s not really a bicycle and it’s not a motorcycle either. What’s the attraction?”  To which I reply: “Do you own an iPad or tablet? If so why, you already have a cell phone and a laptop right?”

Then there are ‘some’ who ask why I’m not using my Sur Ron the proper way, you know off-road only, motocross, big jumps, rooted terrain, large boulders, you know REAL HARDCORE MANLY STUFF…blah blah blah…

Yet there are others who ask me why I don’t use it more for the street, or to commute to work….

And of course the ICE riders who have never ridden, considered, etc. a toy bike like the Sur Ron. I believe it may be in the same vein as when my Dad, Uncle and I would be deep sea fishing to catch albacore. We’d scale and debone the fish, open up our bento boxes with rice and start to eat our freshly caught sashimi. “Man you boys are gonna get so sick eating shit that way! We call it bait when you don’t cook the fish!” Yeah the same mentality which later may be converted, or may not….and not my problem.

I’m a person who likes options. I like to go to a restaurant where at that time it’s the food I want to eat that day. I like to choose movies I feel like watching, clothes I want to wear, and people I feel like seeing. You get the picture.

In all of the cases I’ve sighted, each one of the individuals simply wants to know why I’m not currently riding the way THEY ride. Last I checked I didn’t buy the bike and modify it to their liking… And unless ‘they’ follow me in every type of riding I do, how would they even know if I don’t ride in the situations they’re presenting to me?

The fact is with the exception of not using my Sur Ron to commute to work, I ride in every one of the situations they are asking me about….and more they haven’t imagined riding in themselves… or even thought of riding in.

I recently read an article that is completely unrelated to the Sur Ron, but applies to human behavior:

“The mind loves to generalize, group and sort, to make categories where they might exist and impose them where they do not. It’s simpler this way; superficiality releases us of the presence of complexity, contradiction, and inconsistency that are the hallmarks of life. Once sorted and filed, we can rely upon confirmation bias to avoid the painful discomfort of ignorance.” – Miss Rosen

My point is the bike allows me so many more options than I had with my ICE or pedal only bikes. This summer I have enjoyed dinner rides with my girlfriend. She is riding on her ebike and me on the Sur Ron. We go about 18 miles from home to a ‘secret spot’ where she hangs up her hammock between two pine trees and I carry my camping chair. We set up shop and enjoy the sunset and dinner we’ve packed with us. And then we enjoy the night ride home when everyone else is at home.

When I’m riding by myself (my preferred type of hard riding) I blast down and up dirt fire roads or along trails. All of these things I can do but with different bikes. Now I only need one to do all of these things. Incredible!

The best seat in the house.
Yep my commute vehicle isn’t my Sur Ron, it’s the vehicle in the upper right corner of this picture.
The overlook
Never imagined I’d be doing this with my Sur Ron
All of my dinner fits in my little ‘tank bag.’
Evening rides are my favorite. 



  1. NICE, REALLY NICE ! Yeah my “Toy” Sur Ron lets me ride my more technical trails around my house that I would never take my ICE bike on. It also allows me to ride during fire season when ICE bikes are banned from the trails. Some people “just don’t get it” but consider, if they did “get it” your private spot would be heavily populated, so be glad they don’t.

    • Yeah I ‘try‘ not to be selfish and think “I’m REALLY GLAD this bike is not well adopted. I get to ride in places like this where no other SRs owners are around.” Of course when/if it becomes popular then I’ll bitch that too many people own them.

    • I just read an article about this person in the UK: “Now, police have issued an appeal for the balaclava-wearing cyclist, who has been spotted around north Swindon running red lights and testing the speed limit on his electric bicycle.” Now the bike ‘looks like a Sur Ron’ to me and this comment adds to that theory: “She had been waiting at the traffic lights by the humpback railway bridge when the cyclist’s mountain bike passed them at an estimated 35mph.” Now of course she may not be right about the speed, but….

      My point is this is the kind of thing that makes me NOT WANT to have the SR become more popular. Sure the woman ‘could have’ cut him off etc, but since he was reported to be running red lights and such leads me to believe he was just being an asshole. And TRUE badasses I’ve dealt with don’t dress like the wannabe badasses!

  2. Mark, I have been eating up this great content and your podcast interview. Thanks for sharing your appreciation of the Sur Ron.
    I am a total motorcycle noob that’s really considering the Sur Ron X w/ RST Killa during the current sale for riding nature trails.
    1) I am 5’9″, 215 lbs. of solid muscle (I wish). Will my weight severely impair the bike?
    2) I am interested in the belt drive upgrade kit for quieter rides. Is it less reliable than a chain?

    • Hey Rick:

      1) I am 5’9″, 215 lbs. of solid muscle (I wish). Will my weight severely impair the bike?
      Your height is almost perfect for the bike. Your solid 215 of muscle won’t be a big deal at all.

      2) I am interested in the belt drive upgrade kit for quieter rides. Is it less reliable than a chain?
      OK so I’m NOT a belt fan. Why? Well because I ride primarily offroad in dirt and do NOT believe a belt, no matter how strong in tinsel strength is better than a chain in the dirt. For me it’s NOT about the strength of the belt, but the wear between a belt and the gear. Buell ran belt drives on their bikes with great success, but they were built primarily for on road use. If that were the case Honda, Yamaha, etc would have switched to a belt drive for their off road bikes long ago. Eric knows batteries and such, but he’s no expert on other parts of a bike in my opinion.

      I’m not really interested in convincing people about buying the bike. I built this site to support current owners. I have no stake in the sales of these bikes as I’m not a retailer or get kickbacks for any sales.

      All I will say is when was the last time anyone rode a motorcycle that can go 45 MPH, has instant torque and weighs less than your girlfriend?

  3. Mark,
    Thank you for your great insight and thoughtful response.
    I appreciate you making this website, FB, and sharing your personal experiences of motorbikes and Ron Sur.
    I was sold two weeks ago but the noob questions remained. No more.
    Pulling the trigger on the purchase.

  4. Rick,

    Not trying to be rude jumping in, but I am 195lbs, and have ridden with as much as about 40 additional pounds in a pack. My MX with less torque than an X would climb very steep stuff with zero issues, on the stock rear sprocket. I just added a 60 tooth rear, and while I lost top speed, my bike is a climbing beast now. When going to 60, I added an O-ring chain, and my bike is certainly a bit quieter. Probably not belt quiet, but better. FWIW. Craig

    • Craig, thanks for jumping in to let Rick know your own experience at your weight. Not rude, it’s helpful. This little bike is what I call a mountain goat. And I too switched over to an O ring chain and like it for less noise and maintenance. Have not had to adjust tension since I installed it. A guy in Australia tells me that replacing the countershaft sprocket to one that is one tooth larger greatly reduces the noise as well. I may try that and let others know. I’ll want to increase the rear sprocket to compensate for the front, perhaps going to a 50 or 52 in the rear. The 48t is just right for where and what I most often ride.

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