Squealing brakes are almost always because the pads were not bedded in properly. Uneven wear can also cause issues in addition to squealing. First things first. Here’s a quick and efficient way to properly align your calipers to your rotors:

  1. Loosen the bolts which hold your calipers onto your fork or swing arm. The mounts are designed to pivot so that the caliper aligns well with the rotor.
  2. Next zip tie or tie your brake lever to your grip. This allows the pads to align with the rotor.
  3. With the brake lever secured to your grip now tighten the caliper bolts to the torque spec for your bike.
  4. Undo the zip ties and your brake calipers are now aligned with your rotors.

Here are three excellent videos about how to remove brake squealing and how to properly bed in your pads:

I personally use the blow torch method to remove any residue from my pads. It has worked well for me.

Whenever I wash my bike I always use a bucket lid that I’ve slotted to go against my rear brake rotor. Why? Well since I clean and lube my chain at the same time it’s very likely that lube or cleaner will get onto the rotor if it’s not protected. It’s just a simple way to ensure that my rotor stays residue free. And even with that precaution I ALWAYS WIPE DOWN MY ROTORS with alcohol after I’ve washed my bike.

I use the bucket to support the bike, the bucket’s lid to protect my rotor. The tray is a wallpaper tray I use to catch all of the muck from the chain.

I needed to change my brake pads and installed the Resin Organic Semi-metal Brake Pads and all I can say is WOW!. The initial bite, the fade resistance and the modulation is incredible! Run don’t walk if you need to get a set of pads.


    • Hi Luke no I have not tried either. I’ve found what I’ve listed to work well for me. But everyone is different. Mine do NOT squeak at all.

  1. Stock pads are truly awful. I went Shimano – they have more feel, stopping power and have been completely silent. Best mod on mine so far! The squealing was embarrassing.

    • Chris I agree, replacing the OEM pads makes a big difference in braking power, modulation and silence. At least they did for me too.

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