Update November 27 2019

Segway has now listed the “Segway Ninebot” on an Indiegogo Page. At $3999.00 with an estimated ship date of February 2020, yet Luna Cycle has a similar bike ready for shipment NOW at $3600.00.

As of this writing the only difference I can see is Segway offers a “Segway-Ninebot App for riders to track their riding stats and route.”

Segway-Ninebot App for riders to track their riding stats and route

I’m all for marketplace competition as it tends to improve consumer advantages.

Update November 18 2019

Electrek posted this article about the Segway/Sur Ron confusion: “Sur Ron clarifies Segway electric dirt bike, promises 2020 surprises”

A portion of the article is very interesting:

“In 2019, Sur-Ron obtained the investment from Segway. With the independent operation, Sur-Ron was able to carry out cross brand product cooperation with the help of Segway’s brand channels and other resources. This is a win-win cooperation. Segway has enriched its product line at the market level. On the other hand, Sur-Ron can quickly transcend the limitations of ‘startup,’ develop into more professional fields, create a more comprehensive product matrix, and usher in its own rapid development period!”

At present, the first model of cooperation between Sur-Ron and Segway is the existing Sur-Ron ‘light bee,’ which redefined the cross-border electric motorcycle with an incomparable lightweight body and extremely strong trafficability and portability. It greatly reduces the threshold of starting, develops a new way of playing off-road motorcycles, and becomes a good partner while exploring and discovering new roads, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of off-road and exploration easily. In just two years, ‘light bee’ has entered into more than 32 countries and sold more than 10,000 sets.

In order to conform to Segway’s brand image and product tonality of ‘science and technology/sports/leading/innovation/nature,’ Segway’s version of light bee has made a customization of the whole vehicle coating, and with Segway’s own APP interconnection, and has advanced into the North America and China market with the new model number and name of ‘Segway’ brand.

And Sur-Ron’s version of ‘light bee’ will continue to be sold in the existing market and channels, and Sur-Ron will go on preparing and offer more optionals to better serve the loyal Sur-Ron fans. Meanwhile, we are also preparing to offer some surprises to all the Sur-Ron fans in 2020, if everything goes well.”

So I’m hoping that Luna continues to sell and support the Sur Ron Line. I have no doubt they will. What this may also mean is the bike will enjoy more exposure which combined with additional sales will attract more aftermarket parts and accessories makers. We shall see soon enough…!

Update November 6 2019

Someone from the private Sur Ron Facebook group forwarded this to me regarding Eric Hick’s take on the Segway article:


Wow I just learned through my friend Jeremy that Segway and Sur Ron have been business partners for some time. As outlined in Electrek’s recent article:

“Just don’t call them Sur Rons…If you’re getting déjà vu or you think these electric dirt bikes look familiar, you might not be mistaken. They look a lot like the Sur Ron electric bike. When I asked Julie about this, I ended up learning something new: Sur Ron is actually in our ecosystem. We’re the largest shareholder of Sur Ron.”

It appears that the Sur Ron Youth model is being sold as a different bike by Segway:

“Segway-Ninebot’s electric dirt bikes come in two models, the X160 and X260. The X160 features a 3 kW peak motor that helps the bike top out at 50 km/h (31 mph). It has a range of 65 km (40 mi) from its 48 V and 1 kWh battery. The larger X260 has a stronger 5 kW peak motor and a higher top speed of 75 km/h (46.6 mph). Its larger 60 V and 1.8 kWh battery offers a higher range of 120 km (74.6 mi) segway electric dirt bike X160 X260.

Both bikes use belt-driven primary reductions and chain-driven secondary reductions. Both also offer suspension comprised of a multi-link rear hydraulic shock and a front inverted suspension fork. The X260 has larger 19-inch wheels compared to the 17-inch wheels on the X160. The X260 also gets a double crown fork, compared to the single crown fork found on the X160.”

I have no knowledge about Sur Ron’s financials or Luna’s exclusive USA contract with Sur Ron. But apparently since the article states that “Production and deliveries are expected to begin in Q1 of 2020.” Luna’s exclusive USA distribution of the Sur Ron may end next year.

Mashable also ran a story this morning: “Segway gets dirty with its newest electric vehicle”

This may explain some ‘things‘ so let’s see what happens in early 2020…..


  1. 74.6mile range ——- who would have believed it? …next they will be telling us it weighs less than 50kg.

    • Sorry Andy but since I’m not on FB I cannot see the image you’re referencing.

  2. I was once a member of the Sur Ron Facebook group until I created a post asking members to compare the Light Bee to the Kuberg Freerider. Then I was kicked out of the group. I’d still like to see a comparison between the two and next year I’d like to see a comparison between the Segway and Sur Ron but maybe Luna won’t be selling them anymore next year.

    I believe the words from Segway more than Eric at Luna who seems like a wacky, unreliable genius. I’d rather pay more for the Segway but I also have an eye on the Kuberg.

    • Hey David sorry to hear you were kicked off of that group. I left FB because I don’t agree with their business practices.

  3. On the picture was Roger Decoster supposably ridin a Sur-ron 😉

    • Hahahaha no way!

  4. Wonder if this partnership might yield a Sur Ron app for the phones? I just added a Garmin 520 to my Sur Ron to give me more of a bike computer, with some connectivity with my phone. It sure seems that giving folks the option to use their cellphone with an app might be a better cost situation than asking for a factory upgraded “computer” screen.


    • I’m not too sure, but perhaps it will. I personally don’t really need to have more information other than what is on the standard SR screen. But that’s just me.

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