I have replaced my swingarm’s right side specialty nut with a nylock. Finding a 17mm socket will be much easier than a spline tool that is required to properly remove that fastener.

The spline nut that comes as OEM for the swingarm.
The spline socket that removes the swingarm nut. The tool can be purchased here.
I replaced mine with a nylock nut. Murphy’s Law says that ‘if’ I was out somewhere the shop would not have the spline tool. But everyone has a 17mm socket!

BTW the nut is a M10 1.0 pitch. How did I know that? Well I bought a thread checker. You can find it in the Gear I Use section under Other Stuff.

Lee Riddle’s Ghetto Spline Nut Tool – Hey he said it works for him so why not?!

Put Needle nose Vice Grips here.
Put screwdriver up close to nut and turn BINGO it’s off

Thanks Lee


  1. Put Needle nose Vice Grips here. Put screw driver up close to nut and turn BINGO it’s off

    • If you email me the photos I will post them here under “Ghetto Spline Tool” by Lee

  2. Hey, I are a hill Billy country boy, I don’t live anywhere near getto. We country folks make due with special rocks if we don’t have a hammer.

    • LOL understood!

  3. The trick is to keep the screwdriver up close to the nut

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