I needed to replace my rear tire since it was worn so I decided to purchase a dual sport rear tire. The Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tire. Since I ride on a wide variety of surfaces I felt that knobbies were not best suited to my needs. I ordered the 2.75×19 inch tire. I estimate that it is about 3/4 of an inch taller overall than the stock tire. To date I have found that the grip on pavement, gravel fire roads and dirt is great.


  1. Hello Mark,

    Will this tire fit on the front rim as well?

    • Yes I am running them in the front and back. I’m using the Dorado Manitou forks if that matters.

  2. Mark
    Have u come across any other 19” tires that will fit the stock 19” rims to give the bike a Supermoto type feel/ ride? I know Luna sells their 17” Supermoto wheel kit, but I’d like to just switch out my stock 19” tires for something more sporty/ track like?

    • Hey Steve I have not done research for SM tires to fit the 19ers. But check with Revzilla as that is where I buy my tires.

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