I needed to replace my rear tire since it was worn so I decided to purchase a dual sport rear tire. The Shinko 244 Dual Sport Tire. Since I ride on a wide variety of surfaces I felt that knobbies were not best suited to my needs. I ordered the 2.75×19 inch tire. I estimate that it is about 3/4 of an inch taller overall than the stock tire. To date I have found that the grip on pavement, gravel fire roads and dirt is great.


  1. Hello Mark,

    Will this tire fit on the front rim as well?

    • Yes I am running them in the front and back. I’m using the Dorado Manitou forks if that matters.

  2. Mark
    Have u come across any other 19” tires that will fit the stock 19” rims to give the bike a Supermoto type feel/ ride? I know Luna sells their 17” Supermoto wheel kit, but I’d like to just switch out my stock 19” tires for something more sporty/ track like?

    • Hey Steve I have not done research for SM tires to fit the 19ers. But check with Revzilla as that is where I buy my tires.

  3. Mark, any thoughts on using
    Gates Carbon Belt Drive with SuperMoto 17″ which I have now
    change rear tire to
    Shinko SR241 Series Dual 2.75 x 17 (moto wheel 2.15 x 17 rear)

    [along with using standard front CST 70/100 19]
    Goal is trail & fire roads – obviously not high performance.

    Know anyone who has tried this size SR241 rear tire?

    • Hi Brandon, I have no personal experience with the belt drive so I cannot speak first hand to its performance. I use Shinko 244s and have been extremely happy with their performance and wear pattern. It appears that the 241s are similar in pattern and blocking to the 244s. When I was on the private Facebook group several of the members there used the 241s and seemed happy with their choice. I’m running a custom 21″ 1.6 on the front and 19″ 1.6 on the rear. I do have the Super Moto wheels/tire set but never use them.

      • Luna Cycles Sur-Ron SuperMoto wheels
        Using Gates Carbon Belt Drive
        Front 70×90 -17 Rear 90×80 -17 [90mm = 3.5″]
        Rims are alloy DOT Front 17 x 160 Rear 17 2.15

        On paper it appears that either of these might work – clear the belt drive.
        Shinko SR-241 and SR-244 both in size 3.00 – 17

        I’ll post an update and photos later.

        Mark, no need for any reply at this point – just an update on my thinking/research so far.
        Newbie and a little slow at finding these specs. Why I missed seeing these numbers – a mystery.
        Probably months before I find a shop to change tires (or decide to try doing myself).
        I have the 19″ original CST Sur-Ron to use for the front.

  4. Hey Mark, did you mount the tires yourself?

    • Shannon, yes it’s very straightforward. Just be sure to use good tire irons and soapy water to make the tire bead mounting easier. Also I have a small air compressor. YouTube have tons of videos.

  5. Dear Mark
    I find your posts very helpful.
    I just mounted Shinko 244 2.75 both front and rear on my bike. The front rubs slightly on the front stock killah forks. Know what else will fit the front that will match?


    • Thank you Barry that means a lot and helps keep me motivated to maintain this site to help other owners. I never had the 244s on my Killah forks. Is the tire rubbing the cross brace or the sides of the fork tubes? If it is the sides you ‘may’ wish to try increasing your tire pressure to mitigate any deflection that occurs as the tire compresses. Of course increasing pressure brings its own issues in terms of traction and ride quality. If it is hitting the cross brace you can try deflating the tires some. None of this is a permanent solution, but a smaller tire size would resolve it. Sorry I cannot offer more advice right now, I just need more information about where the rubbing is occuring.

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