I have always feared getting a flat out on a trail. No biggie on my mountain bike….The OEM knobby tires which come on the Sur Ron are easy to remove and remount. But once I switched to Shinko 244s I have to use real tire irons to remove and remount them. Plus having come from road racing I’m accustomed to tubeless tires…

So I investigated Tubliss, an alternative to tubes. I ended up buying two, one for my 21” 1.6” wide front rim and a second for my OEM 19” 1.4” wide rear rim. Because the OEM rims are narrower than the Tubliss’ are designed for I had to grind down the block on the rear to get it to fit. Once you examine the Tubliss you will understand.

Here is the block that I needed to grind down because the OEM’s 1.4″ rim is too narrow for the Tubliss block.

There are so many advantages I’ve found using these devices. First you get a 360 degree rim lock using them. This is especially good for the rear, since there is no more shearing of the tube’s valve stem. This is normally caused by running air pressure too low and as the tire spins against the rim, it forces the valve stem to shear. Of course this can be prevented by using a normal 4” rim lock. But they are a total pain in the ass! LOL.

The second advantage is the air pressure, or more accurately the lack of air pressure I can run in the tires. On rocky and root filled trails I run 5 lbs. in front and 10 lbs. in the rear. Deflection with low air pressure without worries about pinch flats is wonderful! Some folks use Mousse Bib Foam Tubes. I don’t like them because you cannot adjust the ‘air pressure’ in them because, well there is no air! But for those who run over loads of thorns those may be better.

These are basically just a foam insert that replaces your tube.

And although I have yet to encounter the situation, Tubliss contends that you can run their system without any air….. we’ll see if that is true if it happens to me.



  1. Can you tell me which size you are used for the 19 ” ?
    I only can find 1,85-2,15 Rim size.
    Does it fit with grinding down the tubliss block only ?

    • Gerhard, because the stock OEM rims are 1.4″ you MUST grind down the Tubliss block to get it to fit. I only had to do the rear (an important one too for the rim lock feature) because my 21er front is 1.6″. This is the 19er I use. Hope this helps.

  2. Mark, I got this Tubliss as you recommended. and needed some help with my installation.
    When you said grinding down the block. do you mean the metal plate (on top of the red liner) Or the Rubber Block ?
    It seems like if I rotate the metal plate 90 degree, it will fit the rim without cutting?
    The Rubber Block actually sits higher with a gap between the rim surface, does it matter?
    I am using stock 1.4 rim

    • Hi Andy, no not the metal portion, but the plastic/rubber part. I shaved mine down about 1/4″ on each side. Hope this helps!

      • both sides? one side is thick so it should be ok to cut 1/4″, the other side is very close to the hole (for the bolt thru), if shaving 1/4″ it will ruin it?

  3. Is there tubeless tires you recommend for street tires? Replacement for super moto ones.

    • Hi Young I have not researched street tires. You may want to check Revzilla it’s where I buy my tires. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi, you can indeed run completely flat with Tubliss inserts. I’ve been running them for a few years on my 450cc race bikes and even finished the last 15 miles in a desert race with a rear sidewall slit big enough to stick two fingers into. No damage to the rim and the bike actually handled good all the way to the finish.

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