I use Simple Green to clean my chain and bike. I use a wallpaper tray to catch the sludge that comes off of the chain and a top cover of the bucket to shield my rear disc from that same sludge while washing my bike. I simply cut out a pie shape in the bucket lid so I can slide it over the axle. And I have used a Grunge Brush for years on my motorcycles, but have found and used a better product. The Tirox 360 degree Brush for Chain. At first it’s a little tricky to spin onto the chain, but man once done it’s a breeze to use and cleans ALL SIDES of the chain. That’s it for now!

My gf legal shower cap to protect my suede seat!
I just use a condiment dispenser to hold my Simple Green and squirt it onto the chain and let it sit for a while. Then I use the new circular brush to clean it. Works so well! The wallpaper tray catches ‘most’ of the muck too.
Here you can see the bucket top protects my rear disc while cleaning the chain. I learned the hard way about shit flying onto my chain while washing.
Wall-E all clean and ready to get dirty all over again! Man I love this bike!


  1. Thanks for publishing this very imformative website, Mark.
    I’ve just put a deposit on a Sur Ron X model and intend to use the bike exclusively off-road during the summer months when I can’t ride my KTM 150 at Metcalf or Hollister. 
    Do you or other off-roaders know how much dust accumulates inside the air-cooled motor? 
    To clean dust from the motor, is it simply a matter of removing the cover and blowing it clean with compressed air or do you have other maintenance recommendations to clean out this build-up, since I’m sure it adversely affects motor cooling and durability.

    • Hi Bill and congratulations on your purchase. Obviously I’ve never been happier with a motorized two wheeler. You raise a great question about dust into an air cooled motor. Hum, I had no idea about cleaning the motor so I asked a Luna expert. The motor is sealed and the only place water could possibly enter the engine is specially the 4th one that has the hall sensors and the temp sensor. The motor is NOT waterproof but gasketed well. So my personal view is dust would not be able to enter the motor, but that is only my view. The engine does have finning which are heat sinks that cool the motor. Luna sent me an image of the non drive side motor with the cover removed. It is evident that the case is rubber gasketed to prevent moisture or dust from entering. Thanks for asking this question. I along with other owners have been educated thanks to you Bill.

  2. Thanks for checking this out, Mark.
    Being gasketed and water resistent, it sounds like the motor should be OK for mud riding but crossing streams or power-washing would definately be a no-no. I guess it would be smart to periodically check under that non-drive side cover to be sure no moisture gets in after wet weather riding. Perhaps some other SR riders will share their experiences with riding in muddy, wet conditions.
    BTW…there is an interesting demo video of an Electric Motion trials bike being ridden into a lake – fully submerged – and then riding out! I wouldn’t do this with my bike but it did say something for the EM’s water-proofing 🙂
    Thanks again for producing this great site!

    • Hey Bill, the Sur Ron support staff has sent me photos a customer took of his motor rebuild to seal every nook and cranny. But until they get me permission from the user to use those photos I won’t do so. There are plenty of videos of SR owners here and in China riding so the bike is ninety percent submerged like the EM trials bike you mention. They continued to run, but of course there are never any follow up videos months later if there was an issue. My own personal opinion now is the motor is gasket sealed well enough for my uses, meaning occasionally riding in the rain and going through shallow puddles. I don’t have streams where I ride so I cannot speak to that situation. I’m a pro photographer and have used Canon’s 1D series for nine years. It’s a beast in build quality and gasketed at all the ingress points. I have shot in downpours and heavy rain and never had an issue. I believe when companies use quality gaskets it keeps out what should not get in unless it’s an extreme situation like submerging or power washing. Up to each person though. Thanks Bill

  3. Thanks again for your quick and helpful reply, Mark. Hopefully I’ll get my new SR soon and can start getting first-hand experience with it. Cheers, Bill.

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